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    Radius Factor

    It's your range of operation. It's your mindset and awareness, skillset, your circle of like-minded people. It's about being prepared no matter where you're going or what may arise.

    Ready yourself. Everyday.




    A Radius Factor Experiment: Art & Design

    From clothing to fine art and new things in the mix. The Art & Design of Radius Factor was inspired by the power of mindset, principled training, travel and the great outdoors.

    You'll find imagery and products inspired by the core concept of Radius Factor. And being based near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, you'll even find a bit of good ole American self-reliance creatively infused. 

    Wear it, show it, or hang it on your wall as a reminder of what inspires you. So, if you're a tactical athlete, martial artist, enjoy the outdoors, or you're simply a design enthusiast – welcome. 


    Joel LeVan
    Owner / Instructor / Designer